Sunday, March 18, 2018

So what's going on with the US

Americans have given to the world what they call the greatest system - that of capitalism. They believe capitalism defeated communism. But it wasn't capitalism that defeated communism; what defeated communism was that it left out freedom. The United States promises freedom but has no sense of justice. And even then it is not freedom - it is license! They have given capitalism a license to do exactly what it likes, unfettered, uncontrolled, totally licensed to destroy the world; and that is what is happening now.

America doesn't know what has happened to it. Millions of people have lost their homes, millions more have lost their jobs, and millions more will do so. People are living in their cars, in tents and this in the so-called richest country in the world. It's the biggest debtor nation in the world, not the richest nation but the biggest debtor nation. It is living in debt, selling US bonds, by the million, to Japan and China to keep it going. America is falling to pieces.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sure profits are good, and that is the purpose of business, BUT!!! The profits earned need to distributed wisely, so the workers have a living wage, the business can invest in new technologies, and the greedy CEOs can have some pocket change as well. In order for everyone to survive and move forward in the years ahead, humanity must learn the concept of sharing and leave the selfishness and greed behind.
The question is not where we are, but what direction we are heading, and with that in mind, tomorrow begins today in making people aware, that the we have two choices to make: “United States of America, Revolution or Evolution”, and reality is that the U.S needs, and must evolve in order to move forward. Selfishness, greed must be replaced by common sense and a concept of fairness and sharing.
I am not against making profits, and I am sure I will be called all kinds of anti-American or Socialist, but lets face reality, do the CEOs really need, let’s say a figure, $t10 million dollars a year in salary? Can they not live on $5 million a year and put the rest back into payroll and create a living wage?

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Freedom Costs Everything || 4th of July TRIBUTE

For those who have no clue of why we celebrate the 4th of July.  To the Liberal Elite that spew hatred for this GREAT NATION, it is because of this day you have the right to say what you want.  GOD BLESS OUR NATION

Sunday, September 6, 2015

End Times: Europe crumbles under the devastating Impact of Mass Immigration

Europe is bleeding. Misguided citizens are cheering for “diversity” and “tolerance” while the very foundation of their society is being eradicated and they’re becoming a minority in their own country – fast. In some European countries the situation has become so dire that all the remaining sane citizens can do is watch their own country burn as resistance is not only becoming illegal but they’re outnumbered by people that cannot wait to commit collective national suicide.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Keiser Report: Rule 48 (E806)

Published on Sep 5, 2015
In this special episode of the Keiser Report from New York, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the never seen before triple category four hurricanes heading for global financial markets caused by injection of too much hot air from central bankers. In the second half, Max interviews Gerald Celente about Rule 48, volatility and invasions.

Sunday, August 23, 2015


#StandWithGreece Summit


Help us organize a landmark summit to support Greece in Washington, D.C.

Too often, our leaders in Washington, D.C., both Republican and Democrat alike, are misinformed about the situation in Greece. The #StandWithGreece Summit will be the largest gathering of elected officials in support of Greece in Washington, D.C. 
The #StandWithGreece Summit will take place on September 30-October 2, 2015 on Capitol Hill. 
  • Our goal is to obtain a commitment from each of the 534 members of Congress that they or their top staffers will attend the #StandwithGreece Summit in September. 
  • At the Summit, we will press for all members of Congress tosupport bipartisan bills that are currently being drafted to provide technical assistance to Greece as it makes its recovery and to provide additional military aid to Greece as it has had to cut its defense spending due to the crisis. 
  • At the Summit, we will also unveil other comprehensive aspects of the #HelpGreeceNow campaign that we will encourage members of Congress to support, including medical assistance programs, business development programs and more.